Our Services

Throughout the lifecycle of a commercial property investment, we provide services that solve problems and maximize parking asset value.


In today’s world, most parking facilities financially underperform. Over 20+ years, the Parking Advisors team has implemented strategies that consistently increase cash flow. Simply stated, our clients’ assets consistently outperform the market. Even more important, we create transparency and documentation - so our clients capture that value upon disposition.

Transaction Support

Our diligence processes and financial models are the market standard for many of the largest U.S. institutional property owners and investors.

Acquisition Analysis

Our Acquisition Analysis provides you with transparency that validates underlying cash flows - so you don't overpay for an asset. We collect and analyze source data for every financial statement line item, using the results to support our financial projection assumptions. We provide you with a detailed 10-year cash flow model and diligence report that includes a valuation of in-place parking cash flows, an in-depth market study, a risk analysis and an actionable list of post-closing value add opportunities.

Disposition Analysis

Our Disposition Analysis maximizes the parking cash flow projections that you provide to potential buyers, providing a credible and supportable third party analysis. The result: higher asset valuations and fewer "haircut" conversations. Our Disposition Analysis includes a 10-year cash flow model and disposition report with detailed support for key assumptions. We highlight true, actionable value add opportunities in our analysis.

Development Feasibility

We support development teams from initial feasibility studies all the way through to go-live. Specializing in mixed-use and complex developments, our detailed modeling processes project parking demand, revenue and expenses, and shared parking ratios. We partner with clients to develop the most cost-effective and customer-friendly operations platforms.

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Value Maximization Studies

Parking Advisors' track record of value creation is unparalleled in the industry, with experience spanning parking assets valued at billions of dollars over 20+ years.

Value Add Assessments

Our Value Add Assessments identify opportunities to increase cash flow and evaluate parking operator performance. Our detailed process has three critical components: First, we collect, organize and validate detailed performance metrics from source data, onsite interviews and submarket tours. Second, we benchmark and analyze data to measure financial performance and identify improvement opportunities. Third, we generate a detailed report that includes clear, actionable recommendations. We identify opportunities that have an immediate impact, as well as longer term, transformative recommendations.

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Asset Management

Parking Advisors provides ongoing asset management services for over $2.5 billion in parking assets on behalf of many of the leading U.S real estate owners and investors.

Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management portfolio includes many of the largest and most profitable facilities and portfolios in North America. Leveraging our proprietary Asset Management Tracker to perform a rigorous evaluation of parking data and to confirm the reported financial results, we drive cash flows and capitalize on value-add opportunities. Our Asset Management program ensures that our clients have the expertise they need to maximize their parking assets' value and outperform the market.

Asset Trackers

The foundation of our Asset Management program is our Asset Management Tracker. Developed over 10+ years, we use this tool to track and benchmark financial performance to budgeted and historic performance. The Asset Management Tracker organizes data and ensures reporting compliance by reconciling key revenue and expense line items to the source data. In addition, it empowers you to understand asset performance and informed property decisions.

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Vendor Selection

Parking Advisors leads the industry in the number of parking operator and technology RFPs conducted nationwide.

Operator RFPs

We've executed our operator RFP process across hundreds of parking facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Our operator RFP process identifies the best operating team and executable strategy at the lowest costs. To accomplish this, we leverage our standardized budget template to uncover each operator's true cost structure - including hidden fees and mark-ups. We also benchmark the fees to our national fee database. Once a vendor has been selected, we use our proprietary contract to memorialize the business terms, clearly outlining vendor responsibilities and avoiding future fee increases.

Technology RFPs

We issue millions of dollars of RFPs each year for access control and other parking technologies. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, we analyze the business needs of each facility and tailor our RFP processes to identify the best technology fit. Our RFP documents standardize the functionality and costs across all vendor proposals, allowing true "apples to apples" price comparisons. Our contracting process minimizes change orders and includes penalties for late project completion.

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Other Services

With unparalleled experience, market knowledge and industry relationships, Parking Advisors provides specialty services to clients nationwide.

M&A Diligence

We’ve been directly involved in several of the largest transactions in the parking industry over the past 10+ years, representing many of the nation’s leading investment firms. Our unique industry insights, analytical expertise and access to industry benchmarks and comps is unparalleled. Services include financial analysis, management team presentation analysis, systems testing and onsite diligence.

Expert Witness

Leveraging 30+ years of experience in real estate operations, investments and parking operations, we’ve provided expert work for multiple clients nationwide.

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