A True Digital Platform for the Parking Industry

Our clients asked for it – so we partnered with industry experts to build it. Our sister company's digital marketing platform is the industry's first fully connected parking solution.

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Digital Platform For Parking Industry

Technology That Drives Revenue and Asset Value

Today’s property investors need and rely upon sophisticated revenue management and analytics platforms to manage and track their investments – but their blind spot is their parking. That is, until now. This is the first fully connected, end-to-end financial management platform for your parking asset or portfolio. Key components of the platform include:

ParkChirp.com and the ParkChirp apps

With full map-based and venue-based search functionality, parkers can purchase their one-time parking pass in advance of their visit. We charge the lowest transaction fees in the industry, provide full access to customer email addresses and other critical data and deposit your sales proceeds daily. ParkChirp replaces “aggregator” apps with a true marketing platform.

The ParkChirp apps are available on the App Store and Google Play:

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Monthly Parking Management

Incorporating over 20 years of industry experience, the PC Management Platform provides a robust, feature-rich billing platform along with a simple-customer friendly online interface. The platform is fully integrated with our ParkChirp app and includes individual and group billing capabilities, ACH and credit card payment functionality, and hidden discounted rates through promotional codes. Our seamless customer interface is designed to streamline back office processes while improving your ability to analyze the data. All at a reasonable cost.

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Facility Level Integrations

Customers receive a QR code credential that allows them to enter and exit the facility with a simple scan, ensuring that parkers are only in the the garage for their pre-reserved timeframe, and that overstay revenue is captured. We integrate with current generation PARCS providers and lot enforcement systems. Or we can provide industry-leading in-lane scanners with preferred pricing arrangements.

Real-time Reporting

Parking Advisors’ entire business was built on data. Our solutions provide detailed, robust, usable data and reporting that’s available in real-time – from anywhere.

Technology That Drives Revenue and Asset Value

Custom Websites

Our team builds online platforms that allow parking owners, operators, cities and venues to capture online real estate and build a loyal customer base. We have full development capabilities - from single operator, city, venue or garage landing pages to full websites. The sites include all the features provided by ParkChirp, including on-page, real-time access to parking purchase and management functions. Plus, our sites allow you to promote your brand so your team can focus their marketing efforts with a full go-to-market strategy. Examples include:

Propark Mobility

Propark Mobility

Our marketing team built the full online presence for this national parking operator, including dynamic on-page search and purchase capabilities. Customers purchased parking within hours of the launch. The site also includes "display only" pins that highlight facility information as each market gears up for online sales.

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Our marketing team designed and built an online sales engine for this national parking and building services provider. The site supports the company’s website and branding strategy, including ABM’s EnhancedClean program rolled out in the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Our team provides targeted SEO and marketing functions, including email blasts and other direct marketing strategies.

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Our team worked with this rapidly growing Denver / Boulder parking operator to roll out enhanced service offerings, including on-page online sales. The site has supported this young company’s growth, selling parking online within hours of going live.

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Marketing and SEO Services

Our team provides a full range of online marketing services to parking facilities, owners and operators. Starting with our proven and trackable SEO strategy, we optimize each webpage, generate unique online content, create and send email blasts, generate blog posts and develop website links. We generate thousands of pages of unique, manually generated content, resulting in millions of page views each month.

Why does this matter? The answers are simple:

Parking Transactions

Our marketing platform is designed to reach new potential parkers, provide them with the best parking deals online (this is made possible by our low fee structure) and then turn them into loyal repeat customers. And the results prove it.

Brand Promotion

Whether it’s a parking operator, a single parking facility or a real estate portfolio, our marketing platform and strategies support brand rollout and promotion strategies by reaching the most desired parking customers and potential clients.

Marketing and SEO Services