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Parking Advisors develops industry leading research and insights, allowing our team to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that maximize the value of parking assets.


Parking Advisors' team works on parking assets in every major U.S. market, producing valuable knowledge about industry trends, challenges and opportunities. The parking research below was developed by our team's experiences, studies and analyses.

The Value of Commercial Parking Investment

Value Maximization

Parking Advisors' core mission is to increase and sustain the value of its clients' parking assets. Our data driven approach focuses on seven main components: Pricing & Marketing, Reporting & Reconciliations, Operations & Staffing, Revenue Control, Billing, Collections & Approved Rates, Operating Expenses & Fees and Operator Agreement Terms.

Parking Advisors created an online digital marketing platform to benefit our clients.

Digital Marketing

Parking Advisors created an online digital marketing platform to benefit our clients. The platform was founded because other online aggregators take 20% to 30% commissions and decrease the value of parking assets. ParkChirp is designed to maximize the value of parking assets by charging a small transaction fee, providing operators with customer data to make informed decisions and providing operators with a fully integrated marketing platform.

Parking Advisors researched electric vehicle charging stations

Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric vehicle market is projected to grow significantly over the next decade. As a result, electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more and more important to building owners. Parking Advisors has found that not all charging stations are created equal and the economic structure you choose is important.

Parking Leases

Parking Leases

Approximately 90% of the parking agreements in the United States are structured as management agreements. The other 10% are structured as leases. Parking Advisors has found that leases are often structured incorrectly, resulting in lost cash flow and value for the owner.

Market Research

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