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Parking Advisors' experience spans office, retail, residential, life science and mixed-use projects across all of Seattle's submarkets.

Parking Advisors in Seattle & The Pugent Sound

The Parking Advisors team has provided parking consulting services across the Seattle and Pugent Sound for existing assets and new developments. The team is recognized for having Seattle's leading parking consultants. We are familiar with the market's parking demand drivers and trends.

Seattle's Parking Market Fundamentals

Seattle's parking fundamentals are impacted by the geography of the city, large employers, city rules and regulations and other factors. Our parking analyses include an in-depth analysis of the following drivers:

Large Employers

[talk about the large employers in Seattle – Amazon, Starbucks, etc. – look at OMs]

Parking Taxes

[Sales Tax, Parking Tax, B&O taxes]

Public Transportation

[they are expanding it, but they don’t have a lot – look at OMs]

Parking Fundamentals Continued


Construction Workers

[Seattle has a ton of development.  This creates construction worker demand.]


[this impacts getting in and out of the city, the bridges clog up]

Transportation Management Plans

Many buildings in Seattle have Transportation Management Plans (TMPs). The City of Seattle negotiates TMPs with buildings to mitigate the impacts of traffic and congestion. TMPs require the building to participate in programs which encourage the use of public transportation, carpooling and vanpooling.

Seattle's Parking Submarkets

Seattle's parking dynamics vary by submarket.

Seattle’s Central Business District


South Lake Union


University District


Stadiums / SoDo